Brinell hardness

The hardness test by Swedish engineer Johan August Brinell is used for soft to medium-hard metals and materials with uneven grain structure. A hard metal ball with a specified test force is pressed into the surface of the workpiece to be tested.

ElementBrinell hardness
4BeBeryllium600 NM·m-2
11NaSodium0.69 NM·m-2
12MgMagnesium260 NM·m-2
13AlAluminum245 NM·m-2
19KPotassium0.363 NM·m-2
20CaCalcium167 NM·m-2
21ScScandium750 NM·m-2
22TiTitanium716 NM·m-2
23VVanadium628 NM·m-2
24CrChromium1,120 NM·m-2
25MnManganese196 NM·m-2
26FeIron490 NM·m-2
27CoCobalt700 NM·m-2
28NiNickel700 NM·m-2
29CuCopper874 NM·m-2
30ZnZinc412 NM·m-2
31GaGallium60 NM·m-2
33AsArsenic1,440 NM·m-2
34SeSelenium736 NM·m-2
37RbRubidium0.216 NM·m-2
39YYttrium589 NM·m-2
40ZrZirconium650 NM·m-2
41NbNiobium736 NM·m-2
42MoMolybdenum1,500 NM·m-2
44RuRuthenium2,160 NM·m-2
45RhRhodium1,100 NM·m-2
46PdPalladium37.3 NM·m-2
47AgSilver24.5 NM·m-2
48CdCadmium203 NM·m-2
49InIndium8.83 NM·m-2
50SnTin51 NM·m-2
51SbAntimony294 NM·m-2
52TeTellurium180 NM·m-2
55CsCaesium0.14 NM·m-2
57LaLanthanum363 NM·m-2
58CeCerium412 NM·m-2
59PrPraseodymium481 NM·m-2
60NdNeodymium265 NM·m-2
62SmSamarium441 NM·m-2
65TbTerbium677 NM·m-2
66DyDysprosium500 NM·m-2
67HoHolmium746 NM·m-2
68ErErbium814 NM·m-2
69TmThulium471 NM·m-2
70YbYtterbium343 NM·m-2
71LuLutetium893 NM·m-2
72HfHafnium1,700 NM·m-2
73TaTantalum800 NM·m-2
74WTungsten2,570 NM·m-2
75ReRhenium1,320 NM·m-2
76OsOsmium3,920 NM·m-2
77IrIridium1,670 NM·m-2
78PtPlatinum392 NM·m-2
79AuGold2,450 NM·m-2
81TlThallium26.4 NM·m-2
82PbLead38.3 NM·m-2
83BiBismuth94.2 NM·m-2
90ThThorium400 NM·m-2
92UUranium2,400 NM·m-2