Clarification of technical terms and units used, explanation of hazard labeling, etc.

Hazard labeling

PictogramGHS01 Unstable explosive substances, mixtures and products with explosive substance(s), self-decomposing substances and mixtures, Organic peroxides
PictogramGHS02 Flammable, self-heating, self-decomposing, pyrophoric, water-reactive, Organic peroxides
PictogramGHS03 Oxidizing effect
PictogramGHS04 Gases under pressure, compressed, liquefied, deep-frozen sol., dissolved gases
PictogramGHS05 Corrosive to metals, skin corrosive, serious eye damage
PictogramGHS06 Acute toxicity
PictogramGHS07 Sole or additional labeling of various categories, may also be omitted
PictogramGHS08 Various health hazards
PictogramGHS09 Environmentally hazardous


Pictogram(Highly) flammable
Pictogram(Very) toxic
PictogramIrritant / harmful
PictogramEnvironmentally hazardous

ADR hazardous goods classes

PictogramExplosives and objects containing explosives
PictogramFlammable gases (including chemically unstable and pyrophoric gases)
PictogramPressurized gases (non-flammable)
PictogramToxic gases
PictogramFlammable liquid substances
PictogramFlammable solid substances, self-decomposing substances, polymerizing substances and desensitized explosive substances
PictogramSelf-igniting substances
PictogramSubstances that form flammable gases in contact with water
PictogramIgniting (oxidizing) substances
PictogramOrganic peroxides
PictogramToxic substances
PictogramInfectious substances
PictogramRadioactive substances; Category I-WHITE (hazard label 7A)
PictogramRadioactive substances; Category II-YELLOW (hazard label 7B)
PictogramRadioactive substances; Category III-YELLOW (hazard label 7C)
PictogramRadioactive substances; Fissile materials of class 7 (hazard label 7E)
PictogramCorrosive substances
PictogramVarious dangerous substances and objects
PictogramLithium batteries
PictogramLabeling for materials transported in a heated state
PictogramEnvironmentally hazardous substances