The natural abundance of chemical elements in the oceans by weight of their atoms in ppb (parts per billion; reference value: one billion). Real values can deviate strongly from the information given.

ElementAbundanceMass (1.37·106 Mt)Price
8OOxygen8.57·108 ppb85.7 %1.17·106 Mt1.8·1017 USD
1HHydrogen1.078·108 ppb10.78 %147,000 Mt2·1017 USD
17ClChlorine1.987·107 ppb1.987 %27,200 Mt2.2·1015 USD
11NaSodium1.105·107 ppb1.105 %15,100 Mt4.5·1016 USD
12MgMagnesium1.326·106 ppb0.1326 %1,810 Mt4.2·1015 USD
16SSulfur928,000 ppb0.0928 %1,270 Mt1.1·1014 USD
19KPotassium416,000 ppb0.0416 %569 Mt7.3·1015 USD
35BrBromine67,300 ppb0.00673 %92.2 Mt4·1014 USD
6CCarbon28,000 ppb0.0028 %38.3 Mt4.6·1012 USD
38SrStrontium8,100 ppb8.1·10-4 %11 Mt7.3·1013 USD
5BBoron4,440 ppb4.44·10-4 %6.08 Mt2.2·1013 USD
20CaCalcium4,220 ppb4.22·10-4 %5.78 Mt1.3·1013 USD
9FFluorine1,300 ppb1.3·10-4 %1.78 Mt3.5·1012 USD
14SiSilicon1,000 ppb1·10-4 %1.37 Mt2.3·1012 USD
7NNitrogen500 ppb5·10-5 %685 Gt9.5·1010 USD
18ArArgon450 ppb4.5·10-5 %616 Gt5.7·1011 USD
3LiLithium180 ppb1.8·10-5 %246 Gt2·1013 USD
37RbRubidium120 ppb1.2·10-5 %164 Gt2.5·1015 USD
15PPhosphorus70 ppb7·10-6 %95.9 Gt2.5·1011 USD
53IIodine60 ppb6·10-6 %82.2 Gt2.8·1012 USD
56BaBarium30 ppb3·10-6 %41.1 Gt1·1010 USD
42MoMolybdenum10 ppb1·10-6 %13.7 Gt5.4·1011 USD
13AlAluminum5 ppb5·10-7 %6.85 Gt1.2·1010 USD
30ZnZinc5 ppb5·10-7 %6.85 Gt1.7·1010 USD
92UUranium3.3 ppb3.3·10-7 %4.52 Gt4.5·1011 USD
26FeIron3 ppb3·10-7 %4.11 Gt1.7·109 USD
29CuCopper3 ppb3·10-7 %4.11 Gt2.4·1010 USD
33AsArsenic2.3 ppb2.3·10-7 %3.15 Gt3.6·109 USD
25MnManganese2 ppb2·10-7 %2.74 Gt4.9·109 USD
28NiNickel2 ppb2·10-7 %2.74 Gt3.8·1010 USD
23VVanadium1.5 ppb1.5·10-7 %2.05 Gt7.6·1011 USD
22TiTitanium1 ppb1·10-7 %1.37 Gt1.5·1010 USD
24CrChromium0.6 ppb5.999·10-8 %822 kt7.7·109 USD
55CsCaesium0.5 ppb5·10-8 %685 kt4.2·1013 USD
34SeSelenium0.45 ppb4.5·10-8 %616 kt1.3·1010 USD
36KrKrypton0.21 ppb2.1·10-8 %287 kt8.3·1010 USD
51SbAntimony0.2 ppb2·10-8 %274 kt1.5·109 USD
10NeNeon0.12 ppb1.2·10-8 %164 kt3.9·1010 USD
74WTungsten0.12 ppb1.2·10-8 %164 kt5.8·109 USD
47AgSilver0.1 ppb1·10-8 %137 kt7.1·1010 USD
27CoCobalt0.08 ppb8·10-9 %109 kt3.5·109 USD
32GeGermanium0.06 ppb6·10-9 %82.2 kt7.9·1010 USD
48CdCadmium0.05 ppb5·10-9 %68.5 kt1.8·108 USD
79AuGold0.05 ppb5·10-9 %68.5 kt3·1012 USD
80HgMercury0.05 ppb5·10-9 %68.5 kt2·109 USD
31GaGallium0.03 ppb3·10-9 %41.1 kt6·109 USD
82PbLead0.03 ppb3·10-9 %41.1 kt8.2·107 USD
40ZrZirconium0.026 ppb2.599·10-9 %35.6 kt1.2·109 USD
83BiBismuth0.02 ppb2·10-9 %27.4 kt1.7·108 USD
39YYttrium0.013 ppb1.299·10-9 %17.8 kt5.5·108 USD
50SnTin0.01 ppb1·10-9 %13.7 kt2.5·108 USD
72HfHafnium0.008 ppb8·10-10 %10.9 kt9.8·109 USD
2HeHelium0.0072 ppb7.199·10-10 %9.86 kt2.3·108 USD
54XeXenon0.005 ppb5·10-10 %6.85 kt1.2·1010 USD
57LaLanthanum0.0034 ppb3.399·10-10 %4.65 kt2.2·107 USD
60NdNeodymium0.0028 ppb2.8·10-10 %3.83 kt2.2·108 USD
73TaTantalum0.002 ppb2·10-10 %2.74 kt8.3·108 USD
21ScScandium0.0015 ppb1.5·10-10 %2.05 kt7.1·109 USD
58CeCerium0.0012 ppb1.2·10-10 %1.64 kt7.6·106 USD
41NbNiobium0.001 ppb1·10-10 %1.37 kt1·108 USD
75ReRhenium0.001 ppb1·10-10 %1.37 kt4.9·109 USD
81TlThallium0.001 ppb1·10-10 %1.37 kt5.7·109 USD
66DyDysprosium9.1·10-4 ppb9.1·10-11 %1.24 kt3.8·108 USD
68ErErbium9·10-4 ppb9·10-11 %1.23 kt3.2·107 USD
70YbYtterbium8·10-4 ppb8·10-11 %1.09 kt1.8·107 USD
44RuRuthenium7·10-4 ppb7·10-11 %958 t1·1010 USD
64GdGadolinium7·10-4 ppb7·10-11 %958 t2.7·107 USD
4BeBeryllium6·10-4 ppb6·10-11 %822 t7·108 USD
59PrPraseodymium6·10-4 ppb6·10-11 %822 t8.4·107 USD
62SmSamarium4.5·10-4 ppb4.5·10-11 %616 t8.5·106 USD
67HoHolmium2.2·10-4 ppb2.2·10-11 %301 t1.7·107 USD
69TmThulium2·10-4 ppb2·10-11 %274 t8.2·108 USD
71LuLutetium1.5·10-4 ppb1.5·10-11 %205 t1.3·108 USD
65TbTerbium1.4·10-4 ppb1.4·10-11 %191 t1.2·108 USD
63EuEuropium1.3·10-4 ppb1.3·10-11 %178 t5.5·106 USD
49InIndium1·10-4 ppb1·10-11 %137 t2.2·107 USD
90ThThorium4·10-5 ppb4·10-12 %54.8 t1.5·107 USD
88RaRadium1·10-8 ppb1·10-15 %13.7 kg-
84PoPolonium2·10-11 ppb1.999·10-18 %27.3 g-
86RnRadon5.999·10-13 ppb5.999·10-20 %822 mg-
91PaProtactinium2·10-16 ppb1.999·10-23 %274 μg-