Human body

The averaged natural abundance of chemical elements in the human body by weight of their atoms in ppb (parts per billion; reference value: one billion). Real values can deviate strongly from the information given.

ElementAbundanceMass (70 kg)Price
8OOxygen6.1·108 ppb61 %42.6 kg6.5 USD
6CCarbon2.3·108 ppb23 %16.1 kg1.9 USD
1HHydrogen1·108 ppb10 %7 kg9.7 USD
7NNitrogen2.6·107 ppb2.6 %1.81 kg0.25 USD
20CaCalcium1.4·107 ppb1.4 %980 g2.2 USD
15PPhosphorus1.1·107 ppb1.1 %769 g2 USD
16SSulfur2·106 ppb0.2 %140 g0.012 USD
19KPotassium2·106 ppb0.2 %140 g1.7 USD
11NaSodium1.4·106 ppb0.14 %98 g0.29 USD
17ClChlorine1.2·106 ppb0.12 %83.9 g0.0068 USD
12MgMagnesium270,000 ppb0.027 %18.9 g0.043 USD
14SiSilicon260,000 ppb0.026 %18.1 g0.03 USD
26FeIron60,000 ppb0.006 %4.19 g0.0017 USD
9FFluorine37,000 ppb0.0037 %2.59 g0.0051 USD
30ZnZinc33,000 ppb0.0033 %2.31 g0.0058 USD
37RbRubidium4,600 ppb4.6·10-4 %322 mg4.9 USD
38SrStrontium4,600 ppb4.6·10-4 %322 mg0.0021 USD
35BrBromine2,900 ppb2.9·10-4 %203 mg8.9·10-4 USD
82PbLead1,700 ppb1.7·10-4 %119 mg2.3·10-4 USD
29CuCopper1,000 ppb1·10-4 %70 mg4.2·10-4 USD
13AlAluminum900 ppb9·10-5 %63 mg1.1·10-4 USD
5BBoron700 ppb7·10-5 %49 mg1.8·10-4 USD
56BaBarium300 ppb3·10-5 %21 mg5.4·10-6 USD
25MnManganese200 ppb2·10-5 %14 mg2.5·10-5 USD
50SnTin200 ppb2·10-5 %14 mg2.6·10-4 USD
53IIodine200 ppb2·10-5 %14 mg4.9·10-4 USD
28NiNickel100 ppb1·10-5 %7 mg9.7·10-5 USD
42MoMolybdenum100 ppb1·10-5 %7 mg2.8·10-4 USD
79AuGold100 ppb1·10-5 %7 mg0.31 USD
33AsArsenic50 ppb5·10-6 %3.5 mg4·10-6 USD
34SeSelenium50 ppb5·10-6 %3.5 mg7.4·10-5 USD
40ZrZirconium50 ppb5·10-6 %3.5 mg1.2·10-4 USD
3LiLithium30 ppb3·10-6 %2.1 mg1.7·10-4 USD
23VVanadium30 ppb3·10-6 %2.1 mg7.7·10-4 USD
24CrChromium30 ppb3·10-6 %2.1 mg1.9·10-5 USD
27CoCobalt20 ppb2·10-6 %1.4 mg4.5·10-5 USD
55CsCaesium20 ppb2·10-6 %1.4 mg0.086 USD
92UUranium1 ppb1·10-7 %70 μg7·10-6 USD
4BeBeryllium0.4 ppb4·10-8 %28 μg2.3·10-5 USD
88RaRadium1·10-6 ppb0.999·10-13 %7·10-5 μg-